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BC AMATEUR BOXING NEWS, November 1983 by brian zelley

A TOURNAMENT - October 22, 1983, Burnaby

A senior and intermediate novice tournament and some of the boxers were
Jessie Kaellis, Eddie Lee, Jason Trottier, Jim Cumberland
Ray Abraham, Paul Wade, Tim Cessford, and Isaac Gock.

JASON TROTTIER was declared the best Intermediate boxer.
ISAAC GOCK was declared the best senior boxer,

flashbacks - 1960 Golden Gloves with ALAN CURTIS Golden Boy

THE NOVEMBER 1983 edition
It was the first issue that I was involved in at the Provincial
level. I had no idea how long my term would last, but the first
issue there was not a lot activity to report on but on the front
page, there was a quote from BOB CHAMBERS 1954

If we can instill in our boxers the will to win fairly
and at the same time maintain the concept of our
democratic principles, then at least part of our future
senior citizens will ensure no one will violate the terms of
human dignity."
Greater Victoria Amateur Boxing Association.


As part of this first edition another important was the importance
of duty beyond the ring. To emphisize this important concept part
of the edition covered the early Jimmy Symes Award winners.

The following had photos included in the issue:
Wayne Boyce, Chris Ius, Mickey Griffin, Laurie Mann
John Herman, Cliff Ballendine and Alan Brown.