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A Club show in Campbell River in 1980

As I look back, this was the first time that I served as an official
in Campbell River, as I was still coaching at the Victoria Jaycees
boxing club, and had taken a year off of the board of the 
Victoria Athletic Association after three years.

This is the story that I wrote to cover the show from a
Victoria perspective:

(As reported in the weekly sport paper the "Sportcaster"
in the Wednesday, February 27, 1980 issue.)

"Three boxers from the Victoria Athletics travelled to 
Campbell River ... to take part in a 14 bout card staged
by the Campbell River Eagles Boxing Club on
February 23 rd. 

Dale Robinson defeated Carl Stafford of Campbell River  
in the 75-lb. junior division.  Cliff Ballendine edged
Kurt Lang of Port Kells by a 3 - 2 decision.  And,
Gary Robinson defeated a boxer from Kamloops in the
intermediate (youth) light-welterweight division.

Robinson opened up in the first round with stinging
jabs to the body and head.  Robinson outmoved his
opponent with sharp footwork and effectively slipped
or blocked most of his opponent;s punches and 
counterpunched with thumping right crosses and 
crunching left hooks.  Robinson continued his strong
offense in the second round and retired the Kamllops
boxer at the close of the second round.

Boxing officials included Bert Lowes from Vancouver,
Rick Brough and Brian Zelley from Victoria, and
Bill Donnelly, Peter Shulz, Leo O'Connell and 
Dorsey Clayton of Campbell River."

**** This was one of the initial club cards on Vancouver
Island for the start of the Eighties, buy during the decade
there would be plenty of action in club cards and tournaments
in Gold River, Campbell River, Parksville, Nanaimo, Ladysmith,
Duncan and Greater Victoria.  It would also, be the early stages
of Rick Brough's term  as the Vancouver Island Commissioner
who had replaced Victoria's Howard Curling.  The above report
was also a departure from most amateur boxing stories as it 
recorded the names of all the officials that is rarely done. **** 

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THE INTERMEDIATE NATIONALS, 1984 by brian zelley

The Youth Championships in 1984 were held in
Halifax, Nova Scotia between May 4 and 6th. Also, was
the first round of senior box-off contests.

After three days, 37 boxers would earn medals with eleven
Canadian Intermediate Champions:
Vittorio Salvatore, Michael Moffa, John Henry Wilson,
Bill Downey, Marc Medard, Howard Grant, Otis Grant,
Len Marwick, Eggerton Marcus, Barry Dolan and S Hervieux.

The Silver Medal Winners:
Lee Gautier, R. Kwiatkowski, D. Mercurri, Greg Johnson,
Gary Porter, Darryl Foster, Curtis Fiddler,
M Terrien,Carl Lang and R. Trenholme.

The Bronze:
Mallais, Baskette, Spiry, Riesling, Beltrame, Butter,
Schryer, Eagles, Shart, macDonald, Serbu, Brown, Ballard,
Laurieult, Child, Mulcahy and Wood.
Alan Brown, 1980 and 1983 Junior Champion and 1984 Youth Boxer

Those winning final bouts were:
Steve Beaupre, Billy Dunlop,Dale Walters, Steve Nolan,
John Kalbhenn, Peter Britt, Wayne Gordon, Shawn O'Sullivan,
Darryl Flint, Ken Johnson, Willie deWitt, and Lennox Lewis.

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Canadian Amateur Boxing 1981 to 1983


For the champions of 1980, missing the 1980 Olympics was a
great setback that could never be resolved, but beyond 1980
there would be a new beginning with some new faces and some
of those stars of the late Seventies and 1980 would fight on.


With the arrival of 1981, no one could guess where the
Canadian amateur story would play-out in the subsequent years.
There was hope, but nobody could guess what would happen
between 1984 and 1996 and beyond in International
tournaments such as
the Olympic Games or the Commonwealth Games.

This is their story and who would be there for action in
1984 and beyond.

Stephen Nolan was one of the stars of 1980 that would continue
to shine for several years. But, in 1984, there was a possibility
that he would not be on the 1984 Olympic boxing team. His fate was
decided at the second senior box-off competition that took place
in Burnaby British Columbia. It would be STEVE PAGENDAM that
would be Ontario featherweight that would be on the Olympic team.

1981: The arrival of KALBHENN, O'SULLIVAN and DEWITT

Nobody could have planned the boxing journey of John, Shawn
and Willie. But, they would fight their way through three
years of action to prepare for their place on the '84 Team.
As early as 1983, there were some heavy expectations for
both Shawn and Willie in the news media, but it would take
action in the ring that would earn the prize of Olympic silver.

JOHN KALBHENN's march to the 1984 LA Olympics
As we look at all of the champions and the team members
throughout the early '80's. Champion John would not be
denied. He would be the Canadian champion for the years
before 1984. Then came some setback that gave the appearance
that he could miss what he had been working for over the
last three years.

It was in the 1984 Senior National that John would have a
quick setback in the prelim action he would be on the short
end of a split decision to boxer GREG GAYLE. Greg would
then defeat Manitob's TOM BARON BC's ROGER LAFLAME.
to face Quebec's SYLVAIN THIBEAULT which Sylvain won.

KALBHENN would attempt to make the A team at the Box-off.
The first box-off competition took place in Halifax, Nova Scotia
where Gayle had to defeat Brad Hortie before facing John.
John won over Greg by another split decision. A couple of weeks
later JOHN KALBHENN would travel to Burnaby, BC for the
the last chance against the then champion THIBEAULT. this time
when it counted, John would not be satisfied with a split or unanimous
decision. He would take to the then champion and in the third round
Kahlbhnn would connect with a serious of head shots that forced the
referee to stop the bout resulting in his advance to the Olympic team.

DALE WALTER, The Pride of Burnaby follow a path
For Dale Walters, there are likely many folks in BC that
would have guessed that Dale would be a senior open star.
Going back to his early days in the Seventies, he was marked
as a star and was recognized as early as 1972 when as a junior
he was allowed to participate in an exhibition match on a card
that included the likes of MUHAMMAD ALI. Also, the Walters
name was well known in British Columbia and beyond since the
Forties with LENNIE WALTERS.

Lennie would have an important
role in the shaping the skills of Dale for his boxing journey
throughout the Seventies and into the Eighties.
Dale Walter winning another bout in the mid-Seventies.

In 1983, Wayne Gordon would earn a title that would stake his path
to a spot on the 1984 Olympic team. But, for Wayne, we need to
step back to Vancouver Island in the Sixties where the Gordon story
would take shape. If we flashback to the 1963 BV Golden Gloves,
one of the boxers was a member of the Royal Canadian Navy that
always produced a good team of boxers. The boxer was named
Taylor Gordon. But, it wasn't his performance
in the ring that would earn Taylor, International recognition.
Taylor would become a coach and trainer, and would go back to
Nova Scotia and begin his climb up the ranks of many coaches
throughout Canada. In his own club, one of the boxers would
be his son Wayne who would also climb up as a boxing champion
and win a spot on the '84 team.

BILLY DUNLOP, from Verdun to Calgary
Of all the Olympic team members, the story of Billy Dunlop
takes us from Verdun, Quebec to Calgary, Alberta. In 1982,
Billy moved from Quebec to Alberta, but it does not appear
boxing was a high priority. He had competed in Quebec and
had won a few titles then he moved to Calgary and would be
pulled back into boxing with various victories and a shot
at the National title. In 1984, he defeated two boxers
Gaetan Leclerc and Rick Rannelli. In box-off he faced
Quebec's Leclerc in Halifax and stopped him in one round
to earn a place on the '84 Olympic team.

*Each of the many boxers that engaged in activity
between 1981 to 1983 and the 1984 moments likely have
some key memories that stand out. This area is set
aside to add any memories or thoughts by any of the

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Clubs, Club Shows and Tournaments

The first club covered in this issue of the News was the
Prince Rupert Boxing Club.
The article touched on
a brief history of the club at the Salmon Belt tournament.
and mention coaches Dick St. Louis and larry "Lefty" Logan.
But it also mentioned the clubs good ffriends of the Indo Canadian
Sikh Association/. Also mentioned was the former Terrace Boxing Club coach

Nanaimo Amateur Boxing Club card, April 13, 1985
A ten bout card with boxers from Nanaimo, Kamloops, Comox, Parksville
Gold river, and Washinton State and clubs from the lower mainland.

Cranbrook Double E Boxing Club show, March 16, 1985
The major bout covered was the Joe Pendry vs Al Harper bout.
Al Stockdale was the chief official but others included
Donna LeMay and Jack Pidgeon.

Right Crosses
included some information provided by others across Canada such as
Bob Carswell, Ainslie Frame, Stan Smith, Ken Marjoram,
Dick St. Louis and Mike Sartori.
Sartori passed on a stack of photos
of the 1985 BC Winter Games boxing tournament.

Sixties Flashbacks
The 12 page issue include five pages of Sixties fkahbacks including:
>"The Golden Boys of the Sixties", "the 1967 Diamond Belt Revival",
"Emerald Boys of the Sixties", "1968 Silver Gloves Revival",
"1966 Bronze Gloves Champions and Finalists" and "21 Select
Vancouver Island boxers 1960 to 1964".