Wednesday, February 8, 2012


THE INTERMEDIATE NATIONALS, 1984 by brian zelley

The Youth Championships in 1984 were held in
Halifax, Nova Scotia between May 4 and 6th. Also, was
the first round of senior box-off contests.

After three days, 37 boxers would earn medals with eleven
Canadian Intermediate Champions:
Vittorio Salvatore, Michael Moffa, John Henry Wilson,
Bill Downey, Marc Medard, Howard Grant, Otis Grant,
Len Marwick, Eggerton Marcus, Barry Dolan and S Hervieux.

The Silver Medal Winners:
Lee Gautier, R. Kwiatkowski, D. Mercurri, Greg Johnson,
Gary Porter, Darryl Foster, Curtis Fiddler,
M Terrien,Carl Lang and R. Trenholme.

The Bronze:
Mallais, Baskette, Spiry, Riesling, Beltrame, Butter,
Schryer, Eagles, Shart, macDonald, Serbu, Brown, Ballard,
Laurieult, Child, Mulcahy and Wood.
Alan Brown, 1980 and 1983 Junior Champion and 1984 Youth Boxer

Those winning final bouts were:
Steve Beaupre, Billy Dunlop,Dale Walters, Steve Nolan,
John Kalbhenn, Peter Britt, Wayne Gordon, Shawn O'Sullivan,
Darryl Flint, Ken Johnson, Willie deWitt, and Lennox Lewis.

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