Friday, September 23, 2011


OCTOBER 1984: by Brian Zelley, editor

This would be the first issue of the 1984/1985 year
in amateur boxing with the main news being the AGM
of the BC Amateur Boxing Association
It took place on September 9th. in Burnaby, BC

Elected Board Members:
George Armson, Fred Fuller, Sid Knopp, Marg O'Reilly,
Larry Carney, Shirley Knopp, Bert Lowes, Brian Zelley,
Dave Thompson, Glynn Jones and Stan Smith.

Special Constitution Committee members:
George Armson, George Shiels and Cliff Ivers.

Special Reports
Dr. Raj Sandhu, Medical Report, and
Bill McAllister, BC Sports.

GOLD RIVER Event, July 19, 1984
guest boxer GREG JOHNSON from Ontario
performed some exhibition sparring in the Village Square
with Gold River boxer ALAN BROWN.

Photo Gallery
Throughout the issue there were numerous photos
including a boxing picture on the front cover
Scott Cessford and Kit Munro.
Others included:

Danny Thompson, Deep Butter, Brian Zelley, Darryl Olsen,
Stanley F. Smith, Jimmy Hunter, referee Vic Murdoch
refereeing a bout in Nanaimo, sparring with Alan Brown
and Greg Johnson, Brother O'Grady and Sixties boxer
Gary Van Buskirk at an Emerald Gloves event,
Jerry Shears, Champion Steve Beaupre, 1984 Canadian champion
Wayne Welsh, and Dorothy Runacres presentin a trophy to a
Nanaimo Boxer in the mid-Seventies.

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