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CANADIAN AMATEUR BOXING - 1984 from Coast to Coast.

Connecting the boxing dots: by Brian Zelley 

CANADIAN AMATEUR BOXING - 1984 from Coast to Coast.

The above link records only about 84 names involved
in one tournament.  But, over the years, the Boxing BC
training centre woul have a lot of action, events and
golden memories until it's closure several years ago.
Now there was a final boxing card in North Burnaby
that remembered and recognized three of the many
folks that were involved in the sport in the facility.

*Some of the Burnaby area newspapers had stories
on the history and the closing, but the stories were
limited and elitist in they primarily talked about
the 1984 and 1988 Boxing Canada Olympic teams
training sessions of which at least two of the 
boxers mentioned for '84 were not at the site.

Five of the many that all had a role in the May '84 event. 

More names on the page including srnior boxers
Ken Johnson and Stephen Nolan,
The 1984 journey contines,and for boxer STEVE PAGENDAM
the event would be his ticket to the Olympic team, and
 he would return to the training centre with most of the
 team members such as Lennox Lewis and Rick Duff 
to train with members of  the B-Team such as 
Steve Beaupre.  And, for junior boxers like
Tony Duffy and Corey Burton, the national journey
 would continue as the years passed by. 

One of the three best junior boxers in that tournament was
Quebec boxer STEWART HILTON.  And, junior boxer
JAMIE SPARKS  would continue to roll along to become
one of the Boxing Canada A-team members with the likes
of  Domenic Figliomeni, Vern Linklater and others.

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